50 Fans! Thank you so much!

2012-10-02 14:37:38 by LazyBucks

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for 50 fans! I really really appreciate all the support I've gotten over the past few weeks with my new songs!
I've 2 new songs in the works, one to be released hopefully this weekend, and the other in a short while.
They are DnB and Dubstep, then I've a classical song to finish :D

But again, I really appreciate all the support I've been getting, all the nice comments etc!

If you wanna keep in the loop with my future stuff I've made a Facebook page that I'm going to start to use soon:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/LazyBucks/15267167 1499535

I also have a twitter and Youtube, but you can find those links on my main page under my stats, you know where they are ^.^

Again, thank you! Thank you all so much!
Big things coming, stay tuned!!


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2012-10-02 15:36:24

Congrats man, you deserve it. I liked your facebook page. And great work

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks man! :)


2012-10-02 15:38:21

my dad would fucking kill you the next time you send me that gay furry porn back off

LazyBucks responds:



2012-10-02 18:38:18

congrats ^^

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks mate! :)


2012-10-03 00:15:44

Congrats, you have 2 more fans than I do. =P

LazyBucks responds:

Hah, woop!

Thanks ^.^


2012-10-03 03:13:24

good work!

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks :)