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That was so brilliant...

God Bless Ye

So true...so so true.

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Awesome game, wish it was a little longer =)

Loved the game, keep it up!


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Hikari responds:

Did I do an alright job of mastering the piece? (SKYPE ME!)

Well since its your birthday and all...guess I'll have a wee listen and review as I listen...here we go.

0:00 - Fun start, quite mysterious. The panning is quite nice too, good use of the sonic space.
00:40 - Very playful though, reminds me of something we'd hear in Disney's Fantasia.
01:13 - Hmm, the theme hasn't changed. The lack of variation is a tad disappointing.
01:31 - Glock is here now. Its a nice new feature but still not much variation going on.
01: 49 - New melody introduced. Its quite sweet but its in the same key. It wouldn't hurt to perhaps modulate and try something new.
02:12 - I guess this is the "cresendo" of this piece. Its nice but again we have seen little to no variation in the main theme.
02:44 - Coming to a slow finish, nice way to wrap up the piece with the glock sounding us out.

All in all its a nice little tune. Some more variation would have made this lovely and even perhaps a build up to a orchestrated cresendo with a full string section could have burst this to life. It would have really driven home the waltz feel to the piece.

All in all though it was very nice, well written despite no modulation or any real variation in theme.
Maybe learn to make the instruments your own a bit more? I have EWQL too and I could pick those patches out easily enough, you need to play with reverb a bit to give them more space.

Great work though, well written for sure.
Happy Birthday :)

WingoWinston responds:

I thought about using the ewql samples for the clarinets and flute but garritan had a better sound as to the effect I wanted. i do agree I should/could add strings, that and modulation. But I was quite keen on this piece and afraid to ruin what I had going. Although I think I found my niche which is working with woodwinds for now. Strings are something I will slowly settle in to to try and integrate in to my music. I just for now rather have strong pieces without strings then weak songs with strings. This review was very enlightening thank you. And thanks for the happy birthday!

Absolute garbage. . .

5/5 and Downloaded.

stunkel responds:

Yeah... sorry about that.

Thanks for commenting man

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Awesome :D

Best character in the series I think, she was just so lovably <3

Hate the anime but this is awesome, your so talented!

If you ever get a chance could you take a stab at Nagisa from Clannad? :D

So awesome xD

MagicalNekoLenLen responds:

thanks :>

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