New Song + Big News

2012-10-30 21:33:41 by LazyBucks

Hey everyone!

So I've just released a new song called "We're going home". Its a DnB track with some fun synths and cool melodies in it. I had a lot of fun making this one. So go check that out here! ^.^

Aside from that I've some more songs coming out in the coming days. A cool DnB track that unfortunately won't be released here due to it using samples and stuff that NG won't let me upload, so that will be on my Youtube.
A classical song that I've FINALLY fixed the plugin so I can finish the end of that is on its way.
A cool intense DnB track thats a collab with another newgrounder is soon to be on its way, which trust me, is awesome.

Also got some big news for you guys but I've to be careful how I say it because its gotta be a secret for a while :P So I will be vague about this.
Recently just got into contact with some big people in this crazy music world, and will be hooking up with them after xmas, so early 2013. Big music label going to be showcasing some of my tracks further down the line which is so exciting!
I'm going to try my best to keep the uploads here or at least previews after xmas of these songs, because they'll be uploaded to their site and all their stuff like Youtube and Soundcloud.

Aside from that, that is me for now.
Songs on the way, so be sure to become a Fan if you already aren't!

Oh also if someone wants to be cool and make me a new Icon/Profile pic? Just like PM me or something, that'd be awesome.

Ok guys, stay classy and stay tuned.
Shit is coming!

--- New Song --- Become a Fan Yo! --- Da Youtubes ---


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2012-10-30 21:35:57

Awesome! I'm way happy for you! :D

LazyBucks responds:

Gurl we're gonna be stars!

But like...please get a new computer fast k?


2012-10-30 21:42:09

I will and as soon as I do, we are going to collaborate. :p
P.S. You have 69 fans, tehe.

LazyBucks responds:

Its a date...uhhhh I mean plan!

^ Just saw the 69 fans. Teehee indeed...I guess that means I win Newgrounds?


2012-10-31 00:51:05

no i want ur soul pl0x. That big manly Irish soul. Unf yeah.

LazyBucks responds:

I knew it! I bloody well knew it!

Hey thar...its raining in this part of Ireland...come find me... O.o


2012-10-31 08:48:33

I know maaayne, it was like lashing pretty hard and I was all rolled up in my cosy warm bed EEEEE.
That, and the fact that it was like 4am made it very difficult for me to come and find you. Ya dingleberry.

LazyBucks responds:

Says on your profile Mayo...shes a small county...on my way!


2012-10-31 13:58:52

county mayonnaise. and i suppose you could come disguised as a ghost what with it being halloween and all ROFL.

btw nice song, as you may have guessed, synthesizers make my weiner tingle

LazyBucks responds:

Oh Halloween.

Halloween in Westmeath is like inner city Bagdad.

Oh thnx, synthesizers are the future. That and canned water.