Condensing my Media

2012-11-15 06:52:30 by LazyBucks

Hey Everyone.

I've begun the process of condensing my stuff to two places to its easier to find and contact me.
Ultimately I've look at where my audience is growing and where people contact me the most so I'm gonna start focusing on those places a lot more.
Them being Facebook and Youtube.

Now I'm not quitting Newgrounds, so don't go thinking I am... :)
I will always be posting new songs to Newgrounds as they happen first before Youtube, but I won't be monitoring it as much.
Why you ask? Well not to sound like a broken record but simply put the 0 bombers.

When I upload a new song, usually within the first hour it receives a 0, so this isn't a ordinary 0-bomber because he has been doing it on all my songs, sometimes daily.
It appears I've pissed someone off and they have been going about bombing my tracks quite regularly. Simply put I am not going to waste time trying to stop this and simply focus elsewhere.
Newgrounds is awesome, but the audio scoring leaves room for improvement. Theres a lot of jealous people out there that attack popular submissions to bring them down and boost theirs up.
So lets all say "Hi" to my bomber, because he appears to be monitoring everything I upload / post.

Anyway, new stuff soon but I recommend you connect to my other networks to stay closer in the loop, specifically the Facebook :)
I don't wanna lecture you on why to Like/Subscribe, but doing so shows you support me and ultimately boosts my confidence and spurs me on to make more music for you all ^.^

Thanks for the support guys, new song out at the weekend :)




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2012-11-15 10:26:37

I don't have Facebook and and don't have Youtu...

LazyBucks responds:

:( Sadface


2012-11-15 12:40:11

Well tell you what,
I seen that you like YOGSCAST Sjin, and Sips..
I'm a very huge fan!

"The Audiophile".

LazyBucks responds:

Subscribe and stay tuned then! :D


2012-11-16 05:03:37

You have all ma support <3

LazyBucks responds:

<3 True fan :)