Where Am I? ^.^

2012-12-05 17:04:15 by LazyBucks

Hai guys.

Logged on to Newgrounds today and had quite a few PMs asking where I was, and where some new music was!
So I'm here to answer those questions :)

Well firstly as some of you know I'm in my final year of college, and the christmas assignments are due soon so I'm flat out in the studio doing those!
Secondly my laptop isn't well these days, so my Logic is running slow =L

Hopefully christmas time I will be back with the music, some pretty cool songs that I'm dying to finish and show you guys!

I started updating my Facebook, so thats worth checking out if you wanna contact me.
Then theres my Youtube which is in the same state as Newgrounds xD

Anyway guys, I'll be back soon, I promise you that much :D
(PS, like the Facebook so I can get to 30 and unlock the admin panel xD)

Love ya! :3

Where Am I? ^.^


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2012-12-05 17:50:22

Logic! I use that! Sweet.

LazyBucks responds:

Yeah man, Logic is boss :D