Something Different.

2013-01-10 18:18:36 by LazyBucks

Hey guys.

I've been pretty busy lately and working on something different.

I've been producing and mastering two Punk-Pop songs with a cool band here in Ireland.
I will be uploading the tracks tonight, one is a cover the other is a original.

This was a good chance for me to get better in studios and at mastering.
It was a pretty fun experience and hopefully you guys will like it.

So keep your eyes peeled, release tonight ;)


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2013-01-10 18:30:01

EVen though you hate me cuz I made fun of a dead girl, I'm still checking YOUR shit out. Selfish punk. :)

LazyBucks responds:

I don't hate you xD

I just thought the song was tasteless, I still think your songs are badass.
But yeah, you'll like this stuff, its cool and punky, I had a lot of fun producing it :)