MAC13 + Stuff

2013-02-13 13:28:49 by LazyBucks

Hey there guys.

So I've been pretty swamped with College work recently but I took a few days off to make a piece for the MAC13 competition thats going on here on newgrounds.

So here is a link to my entry, be sure to go over and give it a big ol' 5 stars and comment how amazing I am ^.^

Other then that I am slowly getting back to making more music. I'd say by next month I will be back to normal with my music here so fun times ahead! Plus a lot of songs I never got to release and am dying to get out for you guys to hear!

Other then that just be sure to be a fan of me here, and keep up with my Youtubes and Facebook :D
I'll drop some links below.

Thanks ^.^

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