My MAC13 8-Bit Entry + Some Stuff.

2013-03-20 10:29:56 by LazyBucks

Hey Hey guys.

So if you haven't noticed yet, I entered this months MAC13, the 8-Bit Audio Contest. Awesome prize and was a hell of a lot of fun so I encourage you to check out my entry and rate and review fairly :)

It can be found here.

In other news I've some more tracks on the way. I've been getting a very positive response to my songs on Youtube, and unfortunately with my recent few tracks here on Newgrounds I haven't done quite as well. Its not a issue of low scores, its a issue of low views and little to no reviews. Its a shame but I'll keep on posting up anyway with new tracks and hopefully those who are already a Fan will review more :D

Anyway thats all, see you soon!

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My MAC13 8-Bit Entry + Some Stuff.


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2013-03-21 18:28:52


LazyBucks responds:

Thanks. Really appreciate you taking the time to read then call it boring.

Nice guy.


2013-03-22 22:25:15

Nearly 100 fans, nice! :P

You have been uploading a lot of stuff, I'll have to get around to reviewing some of it.

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks :D