New Song - "On My Wings"+ Other Stuff

2013-04-05 22:02:12 by LazyBucks

Hey all.

I've a New Song out called "On My Wings".
I really like how this track turned out so if you have a few minutes to spare go Listen to it and rate and leave a review etc etc.

In other news I only have 5 weeks left of college then I will hopefully be graduating with a BA (Hons) in Music Production!
From there the plan is to move to either Japan or America, quite a contrast but both are the places to be to make it into the music business.

Anyway go check out my new song and be awesome!
Thanks!!! :D

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New Song - "On My Wings"+ Other Stuff


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2013-04-06 02:15:32

America sucks ass. Do Japan.

LazyBucks responds: