Musical Superpowers

2013-04-10 10:01:14 by LazyBucks

If I dip my head into a barrel of radioactive material whilst holding my keyboard will I become a superhero with musical abilities?

On a related note, does anyone have a barrel of radioactive material I can borrow?

On a unrelated note, I recently "accidentally" fell into a barrel of radioactive material whilst holding a keyboard and my expensive keyboard melted and I'm in hospital being treated for burns and internal tissue damage.

On a unrelated note, all of this was untrue.

Good Day.


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2013-04-10 14:08:46

Self appreciation is a normal matter. Self flattening is a syndrome.

LazyBucks responds:

You say too many silly things on my blogs...


2013-04-10 15:46:30

You play piano good enough?

LazyBucks responds:

Well enough yup


2013-04-10 19:31:35

Talking about having superpower, do you want a challenge on piano playing?

LazyBucks responds:

What do you mean a challenge?

I'm not going to competitively compete against you on piano, thats pretty weird...


2013-04-11 07:24:28

Nah, you have to stare directly at the sun to become a superhero. Haven't you watched Power Trip?

Good Day