Two new songs/covers

2013-07-01 11:22:45 by LazyBucks


I've got two new covers out of some anime music.
They aren't here but I have uploaded them to my youtube so be sure to head on over there and listen and subscribe blah blah...You know :)

First cover is a acoustic guitar and piano cover of the One Piece opening "We Go". Love the song and learnt it on piano so figured I'd just jam it out on Guitar :D
It is here ->

Second cover is me playing Nagisa's theme from the anime Clannad. Super sad anime and the song is amazing so I just had to cover it. Surprisingly easy to learn and play on harp but was fun none the less!
It is here ->

Anyway, if your wondering why they aren't here on Newgrounds well I've been subject to a bit of a 0 bomb campaign recently and though I said to myself I wouldn't let it get to me, it honestly has. A lot of my songs were crushed into the ground simply because I spoke up on the forums about something...
Anyway it has discouraged me a bit from using this website because the 0 bombers outnumber my regular fan voters (Even though I've 100+ fans...), not meaning that there are 200 0 bombers, just that of all my "fans" there is only like 10 regular voters :L

Anyway, check em out on the YTs, I'll upload a original DnB track here on NG soon.
Thanks :)


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