Moving to Japan for Work

2013-10-03 11:12:53 by LazyBucks

Hey guys, its been a while.

So I found out last month that I will be moving to Japan in January for a year for work. If all goes well my contract will be extended and I might get the chance to stay there longer.

This is a huge step forward for me, to finally get over to the country that I have long admired.

Just thought I'd share the news, unlikely I will post music here but if you want to hear some of the covers I have been making then go over to my youtube.

Other then that...cheers!


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2013-10-03 11:46:33

You have my sympathies.

LazyBucks responds:

lol? Ok.


2013-10-03 11:48:32

Take care of yourself there! *insert japanese emotes*

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks :)


2013-10-03 12:15:51

All I'm saying is that Japan is a weird place and generally unfriendly to outsiders.

LazyBucks responds:

Always fun to experience something new, staying in one place just turns you into a ignorant fool.

The change from West to East will do me good


2013-10-03 12:30:56

Congrats! Will be fun to hear how life turns out over there.

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks, I'm looking forward to it :D


2013-10-03 13:05:42

Lucky! i want to go to japan. :'(

LazyBucks responds:

Then study hard young chap and you can make it there! :D


2013-10-03 13:15:03

Enough of my ramblings, have fun and don't get trampled by Godzilla.

LazyBucks responds:

Actually I'll need to get my anti-godzilla umbrella soon. Thanks!


2013-10-03 20:21:33

May culture shock be as minor as a fly on the shoulder.

LazyBucks responds:

Ireland to Japan.

I think its safe to assume I will be experiencing one heck of a culture shock.


2013-10-03 21:39:40



2013-10-03 23:04:16

Good luck man! Hope all goes well for you there! ^_^ (<-- anime face)

LazyBucks responds:

Cheers dude


2013-10-04 06:44:22


LazyBucks responds:

:) :)


2013-10-05 02:54:52

America will miss u friend! i already do <:.(

LazyBucks responds:

Well I'm from Ireland and have never been to America in my life.....but thanks! :D


2013-10-05 09:52:29

Congratulations for getting the job! Ganbatte!! v O_^

LazyBucks responds:

Thanks :D


2013-10-05 15:08:11

Do you speak Japanese?

LazyBucks responds:

I can hold a conversation fairly well, I had to do a exam to prove I had a high enough level before applying for the job.


2013-10-05 21:02:59

So what company will you be working for?

(Updated ) LazyBucks responds:

I actually got a job in a public high school teaching Music and English :)
(Although my English when I use the internet is terrible xD )


2013-10-05 21:47:03

You don't have any tattoos, do you? If you do, and if they are visible, you will be barred access to a number of places and will be viewed with suspicion. Do what you can to cover them up.

LazyBucks responds:

I don't have any Tattoos :)