2013-10-16 00:02:07 by LazyBucks

So my recording of me playing my harp really really badly has been frontpaged!!!

Big thanks to the folks here on NG for thinking the song deserves to be frontpaged, thats so nice of you!
If you've stumbled across this post but not heard the song in question, head on over to the front page or just click the link here!


Also I recorded another live recording a few days ago of me playing the Piano, I uploaded it here and maybe you would like to hear that too?


Anyway thanks again Newgrounds, you are no doubt the best! :D


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2013-10-16 03:07:01


LazyBucks responds:

Spanks son


2013-10-16 05:05:17

(despite the fact that I haven't been listening to stuff and leave reviews here lately)

LazyBucks responds:

Them maybe you should go listen and review!

I eagerly await your reviews.


2013-10-17 06:41:05

Congrats! :D

LazyBucks responds:

Ay yo thanks