Does anyone want to make me a new icon?

2013-10-17 18:54:26 by LazyBucks

Hey Hey.

So I've been thinking its time for a new icon image, but sadly my artistic talents stop at music and nothing more.

Would anyone be interesting in possibly making me a new one of sorts?

I'd want the name "LazyBucks" featured on it somewhere, something with a ambient feel would be cool.
Maybe some sort of Angel like figure? I totally dig that kind of thing.

Let me know if anyone is interested.



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2013-10-17 19:20:36

How about a hairy man chest?

LazyBucks responds:

I am all about those hairy man chests.

Could you get one with my name shaven into it?


2013-10-17 19:54:33

What do you think of this one?


2013-10-17 20:00:08


LazyBucks responds:

Thats cool for sure but is it meant to be that small?
Something darker would be nice too, but that looks really good for sure :D


2013-10-17 21:08:06

I might be able to make one.

LazyBucks responds:

Well I eagerly await seeing what you make :)


2013-10-17 21:58:54

Here is a darker one in the original size, I did at this size because Newgrounds maximum icon size it's 60x60 but if you want a larger one, just say.

LazyBucks responds:

Oh sorry, I see where the confusion is! When I said Icon I meant the larger picture for NG but I totally understand why you thought I meant the small one xD

That looks cool though!


2013-10-17 22:02:56

What's dat icon?

LazyBucks responds:

What chu talking about wullboll?


2013-10-17 22:46:07

You're no woman! Your profile lies!

LazyBucks responds:

You're the gender fraud!!!

Actually a mate set it for the lulz and I'm just going to leave it so all the hot guys will hit on me <3


2013-10-18 13:48:47

I think this background and letters match with your username.

LazyBucks responds:

Hey, these are really nice.

Could you send me them via email so I get the full quality? Rather than me saving them from Newgrounds.


2013-10-18 16:03:16

LazyBucks, are u gender-changing too?

LazyBucks responds:

Hey gurl.
I was always a woman, just like you :)


2013-10-26 04:33:35

I guess you got an icon already?