Laptop broke...

2013-10-24 08:48:53 by LazyBucks

Well...this sucks.

My laptop broke which means absolutely no music for a while until its fixed. I sent it in today and they nervously told me it may need to be wiped....which would be a disaster. The idea of losing all my music and samples and custom synths hurts...but if it'll work again...UGH

Ultimate sad face


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2013-10-24 08:58:47

You are not much into computers are you? :D
Take out the hard drive and keep it as an external disc, because unless the laptop didn't burn itself, your data should be absolutely fine.

LazyBucks responds:

Afraid not chum, it's a mac and their built in such a way that if one thing is gonna die, it all is. Trust me I spent a day trying to work around this before giving up and taking it to the shop.

If I could simply remove the hard drive to save it I would, but there's more issues


2013-10-24 10:26:51

Guess its time to kick MAC in the butt and get a PC ;)

LazyBucks responds:

Nope. I prefer the Mac OS. My personal preference


2013-10-24 11:25:18

God damn you Apple. Why are their products so damn unrepairable?

LazyBucks responds:

Makes them more €€€


2013-10-24 12:03:29

I know it sucks

LazyBucks responds:

Cuddle me :(


2013-10-24 16:12:42

i will